Dragon’s Lair Houston North

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Houston, you no longer have a problem. Dragon’s Lair has arrived!

Already a popular store in San Antonio and Austin, Dragon’s Lair has brought their unique game store to North Houston. Stocking all of the best products for the geek in all of us, from board games, Magic, miniatures, comics, dice, and collectibles. This store has a little bit of everything and does not feel crowded or over cluttered. Everything is well displayed on shelves or hanging from hooks. Glass display cases surround the register and a tall glass case houses a nice dice selection. A few game tables are in the back for board game and magic, with a few taller tables for games like 4k and X-Wing. There are plenty of good places to eat around if you are thinking about an all day tournament. Located off a major highway it is easy to find as well. If you are in the area go check out this new store.


Dragon's Lair

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